Google Talk Secrets!

Google TalkGoogle Talk. Try it!

In a few words, Google Talk, rather Gtalk, is an amazingly simple tool which acts as an Instant Messenger, PC-to-PC phone, File sharing software, which also provides you with real-time email (GMail) updates and also, scrapbook updates for Orkut users.

90% of the people who already use Gtalk are not aware of all its hidden secrets! Below is a list of a few I compiled. I recently found a website, CustomizeTalk, which is dedicated to Gtalk users. It provides a lot of information to customize, and control Gtalk overall behavior; from start-up to its looks!

One very interesting feature is the simultaneous logging in of multiple accounts. Here is how you do it:

1. Create a shortcut for Gtalk on your desktop. (Or any preferred location of your choice)

2. Right-Click on the shortcut and click on Properties. (Or select the shortcut and press Alt+Enter) This should bring up the properties for the shortcut.

3. In the target field, add /nomutex. And click OK.

4. Use the shortcut to start Gtalk. Now you can run multiple Gtalk instances all with different accounts.

For more such interesting tips:

I’m also using a chat theme I happened to like on the website. Its called G3.

Click here to download it. (You’ll also find alternative forms of the same theme too.) Here’s a preview:


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