Installing WordPress

Ok. I made this tutorial to help people who, like me, hate fantastico; and for people who like to do things the hard way. Trust me, you learn quite a lot. 🙂 Kk, enough of my rambling, lets get on with the task.

With little changes, this tutorial can be extended to any script which uses PHP and MySQL. 🙂

Step 1: Acquire the latest release WordPress script package archive.

Step 2: Extract the archive to a location on your local hard disk. Upload the extracted files to your website using a FTP client. (FileZilla)

Note: I’m assuming you have uploaded the files to a directory named ‘blog‘ in ‘‘. So, your WordPress location will be: ‘

Step 3: WordPress requires a MySQL database. So, log into your cPanel and create a database in the MySQL database section. Also, create a MySQL user and add that user to the database that you just created, with ALL privileges.

Note: Before proceeding to the next step, you need to know:
# The database name (complete proper name – “cpanelusername_dbname”)
# The database user (who has complete privileges over the database)
# The password for the database user.
# The database host (for most of the hosts, it is ‘localhost‘)

Step 4: Now in your browser, point to the location: and click on: ‘create a wp-config file through a web-interface

Step 5: Enter the details of the MySQL database that we just created and click on next.

Note: If you encounter any problems here, return to Step 3 and make sure you have entered all the details about the database correctly.

Step 6: Click on: ‘run the install!‘ Now, you will be taken to a page where the script will configure the database and will provide you with an admin ID and password.

Step 7: Log-In with that ID and password, change the password in Users -> Your Profile.

That’s it! You are done installing wordpress for your site. Need any help with the intermediate steps, do reply. 🙂

To know more of WordPress, goto:


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  1. I wiil spare my Life trying to, but i dont know if i can get it!
    Thanks hate fantastico!
    I will see you later!

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