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How to Lose Control Over Your Computer After Watching Porn

OK, so you’re watching porn. Nobody blames you for that but you might become a porn hater after visiting one of the websites described in the following lines. Yes, I know, it may sound impossible for many of you but read this: a pornographic website can seriously damage users’ computers and steal their money. How? It’s simple. It seems like some adult websites are inviting the consumers to a three-days trial to access the material published on the website. The only requirement is the software provided by the service which must be downloaded and installed on the computer. No problem until this point, no infection, no threat.

After the free trial, the disaster begins. According to Seth Purdy of McAfee, the software installed on the system requires the user to subscribe for an additional 90 days period for a price of approximately $80. Since some of the consumers might refuse to do so, they are attacked with numerous popups asking for subscription. No problem, you might say, I close them and that’s it. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you but that’s not possible. The popups remain on top of other windows and can’t be resized, closed or moved.

The interesting fact is that the danger raised by the popups is even mentioned in the Terms of Conditions displayed on the website but avoided by most consumers since they are not opened before the download is started.

“If You choose to ignore the payment reminders and do not pay the Membership Fee, You hereby understand and acknowledge that the prompt reminders may become more frequent and that You may lose the ability to use Your computer until You have submitted payment. The payment reminders will be active while your computer is online or offline,” one paragraph reads according to the McAfee official.

Want Porn? Install Google Pack!

Let’s suppose you’re browsing a website and you see an invitation to view a free porn clip (naughty but let’s admit it, it happens…). What are you doing? You click on it and try to load the movie. But what if an error pops-up and tells you that a proper codec was not found and you’re advised to install Google Pack? So, what do you want to do now? You install Google Pack because you want to view the pornographic clip. Sex sells, no matter whether it attracts you directly or through Google Pack. That’s right, Google Pack is only a way to bring money to the owner of the page who discovered a simple, smart and malicious way to earn money.

Alex Eckelberry wrote on the Sunbelt Blog that some website owners are inviting consumers to download Google Pack in order to view a porn movie. In case you don’t know, webmasters can easily earn money by implementing Google products referrals into their pages and, once a user installs a software, the publisher receives a certain amount of money. But the Mountain View company strictly prohibits this kind of trick to attract users and the websites should be banned very soon.

“In this case, one can assume it pays as well or better to push this legitimate application as it is to push malware (I’m sure that these folks would be pushing malware if the money was there, as it’s all about money). Intriguing that Google’s high affiliate commissions are in competition with malware,” the Sunbelt official wrote.

Sure, installing Google Pack is pretty useful because it contains numerous software solutions such as Google Earth, Norton Security Scan, Google Desktop, Adobe Reader, Skype, StarOffice and many other utilities. But from inviting users to download Google Pack because it’s useful to luring them to download it for watching a porn movie there is Google’s terms which strictly prohibit these kinds of activities.

“Google has been contacted about this rogue affiliate and I expect the affiliate will be down very rapidly — Google’s responses on these matters are very rapid,” Alex Eckelberry added.

Courtesy: Softpedia

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