Some good news!

Just two days after I wrote this, Bluemistwar returns to play Runescape. Hope its like the good old days. Can’t wait for us trio to get together, though I feel the game holds anything interesting for us anymore. But it will be fun nevertheless.

I have this idea to create the website just for us. Where we could leave each other off-liners and bookmarks. Maintain a log of all the movies and music we download and watch; probably review them too. Just an idea. Hope I get time for it. I did register a UNI.CC domain for it. Its called I’ll start working on it sometime soon.

Its fun this week. Had only 3 days’ of college and since its Diwali – The Festival of Lights, the next I have to attend college again is on Monday! Diwali is a festival of sweets, fireworks and loads of fun! Read the Wikipedia article about Diwali, also the stories associated with the celebration of the festival. Traditionally, yesterday was Naraka Chaturdashi,  today is Amawasya,  and tomorrow is the Bali Padyami.

I read this nice article on the newspaper about how the scare about air pollution and noise pollution preventing people esp. children from bursting crackers. I quote: “Though it is true (the pollution), I’d like to see children sporting new clothes, bursting crackers excitedly and having a happy time.” I feel that all the things that adults are doing to contribute to pollution is far, far more dangerous than children bursting crackers once a year! The children are made to feel responsible for the wrong-doing of the adults.

If you are someone who stopped bursting crackers, thinking about pollution, I say you go out there and have some real fun and burst crackers. But if you think its really affecting the environment around you, plant a tree afterwards.

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