Wild Hogs

I happened to watch Wild Hogs yesterday. Though I was reluctant about watching, it was a pleasant movie with good laughs. I watched it at odd hours: 12AM to 2AM in the morning, and yet, I did not fall asleep. The plus points of the movie was the acting by Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William Macy. They just added a lot of fun into their acting and kept the movie from falling apart during the parts which weren’t so funny. The plot is well placed and is maintained through the end. Really worth a watch!

An IMDB user review: (I actually read the review after I saw the movie. LOL!)

Like so many others in the Theater I could not stop laughing. Even when tears were abundant running down my cheeks and my side hurt. Luckily everyone else was just as loud with laughter so I was not the only laughing fool in the place. With this group I didn’t know quite what to expect as sometimes they are funny and sometimes not so much. The antics and the character actors in this film was PURE genius. It has the type of humor for everyone. Must see and Must DVD buy. Glad to see at least one good movie for 2007. Tim Allen and John Travolta who would have thought? The big surprise in the film was William Macey. I din’t realize the guy could be that funny. He played to comic goof and pulled it off with flying colors. Hats off to all.

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