Mockery of Democracy!

What is more disgusting than finding a fly in your soup? Yes, there is something more disgusting and it is the Indian politics. Everyone knows that India is the biggest democracy in the world. The records doesn’t end there; its probably the worst too. With all the on-going drama about the N-Deal with the US, a Chief Minister proven to have had links with a terrible train tragedy, presidential rule in Karnataka, I wonder if anything worse could happen. And if it does, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Common man is remembered only during the elections, promised hollow incentives in order to gain his vote. After the elections, the government becomes deaf to all the common man’s woes. 90% of people in the politics are illiterates (Yes, they may know how to read and write; yet running a country requires a little more competence than that!) power-hungry, money-hungry and corrupted. Politics is now being regarded as a disgusting institution of corruption. Politics is no more being considered to be a career option.

This sad situation has to improve. I believe this is possible only through blood-spilled revolution; which is unlikely to happen at all. Money rules the present India; only thing you cannot buy with money is life, yet, it can kill.

2 responses to “Mockery of Democracy!”

  1. I was reading my teacher’s blog the other day and was overwhelmed to know that he believes in a principle to the core- “Do not talk about individuals, talk about issues”. I’ve seen him implementing this. On this context, let me address the current Indian media. Everytime when I tackle such issues, I borrow heavily from P Sainath sir, my favorite journalist. It’s long since our country’s media has taken up actual “issues” and done justice with them- price rise, farm crisis and rural injustice being the worst reported till date.

    We live in a country where every issue is reduced to a fight between individuals, heroic, villainous or just fun figures. So the complex issues behind the shunning of Pakistani cricketers by the Indian Premier League have reduced to a fight between Shah Rukh Khan and Bal Thackeray. The agonies of Bundelkhand are not about hunger and distress in our Tiger Economy. They are just a stand-off between Rahul Gandhi and Mayawati. The issues of language and migrations in Maharashtra are merely a battle between Rahul Gandhi and Uddhav Thackeray. And the coverage is all about who blinked first, who lost face. Here I go again, taking lot many names, again.

    As our TV and newspaper reporters blabber, I read somewhere “freedom of expression”. Frankly, we have neither. All we are left off with, is twisted freedom and a tortured expression. Issues today are either used to scare people, or entertain them. And all we do about it is hold a bag of popcorn and watch.

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