Whatever! re-launched as Frology!

Welcome people! Thank you for being with Whatever! for so long. Whatever! has a different identity altogether now! It is now called Frology! We also have now moved to a new location with loads of new features and updates! Its faster, simpler, and has more features than before and more coming too! 😀


The new features include:

  • Ratings – Now you can rate the posts by a single click and it takes effect instantly. The rating is immediate and doesn’t need registration. (Added!)
  • Share – Share all the content you like on the new Frology! by adding them to your favorite indexing sites like digg and stumbleupon! You can even share the post by mailing it to your friends! (Coming Soon)
  • A New Look – Frology! has a new look. A new theme. Its a two columnn based and you’ll have all the necessary navigation on the main page. No need to scan through pages to find pages. (The current theme is a temporary theme. Frology! will get its unique design very soon!)
  • Taglines – A new ‘content-box’ Taglines is now active! They are all the funky one-liners that’ll amuse you. (Coming soon!)
  • Submit – Have your say! Submit your own content to Frology! and see it on our pages! (Added!)
  • E-Mail Updates – Add your e-mail to the Frology! mailing list and you will never miss any new content. New posts will be directly served at your inbox. (Added!)
  • Post Waggler – The waggler is a small box in the sidebar, which displays randomly chosen posts. Great way to discover unread posts and also rate them! 🙂
  • And More… – More updates are planned and are on the way. To name a few: Picture Albums, An Integrated Forum…

Whatever!, now Frology! is still powered by WordPress. It is an amazing software and it has made life seriously easier for me. The only reason Whatever! is leaving wordpress.com is the fact that I needed more control over the site. Otherwise, all the days its been here, I loved the service. Thanks a lot! 🙂

Hope I find you all at the new site.

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Thank You!

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